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Suzuki Passenger Jitney (Loaded)

Best Seller Suzuki Passenger Jitney (Loaded) Suzuki Passenger Jitney (Simple) Suzuki FB Vans Suzuki Pick-up (Lift Up) Isuzu Elf Suzuki Closed Van Mitsubishi L-300 Isuzu-Mitsubishi Minibus Repaired Units Suzuki Pass. Latest Model Tourist Cab

"2013" robotic bumper design looks, detachable..8 seaters or 18 seaters total including driver..suzuki 12 valve 660cc 2wd gasoline driven engine..fully accessorized of the following, 7 DLAA3600 giant foglamps, 6 DLAA 1029 rectangular foglamps, 4 DLAA 156 circular bumper lights, 4 pc sogo side antenna w/ stainless base holder and pole, stainless passenger holder, 4 pc F/F horn driven by starter relay, set original roof rack, 6 pcs chromed side support mirrors, unlimited sticker and tints,.... mag wheels tires 13X165 w/ chromed or alloy rims, passenger ceiling options......

-extra specs for the following...

   4wd transmission -Php.10,000.00, power steering-Php.10,000.00

   front cabin air-con-Php.8,500.00, stereo sound system by zero distortion-Php.28,000.00

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